Detox: Inside & Out

Steps to being a master of the universe: 2018 Special Edition

As we end the holiday season and ring in the new year, a time full of celebrations with friends and family, eating and drinking everything we can get our hands onto we find ourselves feeling guilty about the many poor decisions we made over the year. Maybe it was the goal you didn’t go for, all of those goodies you couldn’t resist, perhaps even the negativity you did allow into your life? No matter how big or how small it is a time to start fresh and begin again with positive intentions and maybe a detox. Say goodbye to all the doughnuts you couldn’t put down like they were your ex and say hello to a clear skinned, bright eyed, and bursting with love hunk of awesome that you are!  


1. Love Yourself!

Wake up like the world is lucky to have you in it and never stop saying kind things to AND about yourself. 


Honor Your Body!

2. Honor your body! “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” -Michael Pollan.  Chew on some liver clearing ginger or juice up some toxin flushing lemons and grapefruit to boost a detox. Remind yourself to eat some greens, drink responsibly, and sweat a little, a few times a week to keep your bod rockin!

respecttheenvironment .jpeg

3. Respect the environment!

We use it and need it, but turns out we also live here, and so does your neighbor.  Think ahead and think long term. Maybe ditch the plastic and go for some re-usables this year! Make less trash and recycle properly. 

Health is not merely the absence of disease, but a balance of mind, body, and soul so as you take your first steps into the coming year remember that you can always try again tomorrow, never forget why you started, and make no excuses!!
— Annette Solis, Certified Health Coach