How to Create Beach Waves


Step 1. Always start off with a heat protecting spray (allow to dry if hairs already dry)
Section into three sections and prep your hair with the dry texture to give it some 'grit'.

Step 2. Wrap small sections around wand or iron while alternating sections so they're not so uniform while keeping ends out(looks more natural) this is why it's a 'beach wave'.
If strand is too curled then pull the piece taut after taking it off heat.

Products used to create this look

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Learn how to create beautiful beach waves you see all over instagram! 


Check out this quick how to video by our stylist Allie and 3 easy steps on how to achieve this look at home.

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Spray each section with hairspray afterwards to set.

Step 3. After all curls are 'cooled' take a wide tooth comb and/or fingers and piece it the way you'd like! It'll drop throughout the day so don't brush too much!



Davines Melu Shield: For protecting all hair types from heat damage up to 450 degrees. MELU Hair Shield helps to provide a barrier between your hair and hot tools for a healthier styling experience.


Davines Medium Hairspray: For long-lasting styles. This Is A Medium Hairspray eliminates frizz, adds structure and provides extreme hold without leaving residue. It is easy to work with and brush out.



For piecey, defined texture and hold. This Is A Dry Texturizer gives the hair an instant full-bodied and tousled look without weighing it down. Winner of the Awards 2017 for Best Beach/Texture Spray.


“There is no love for nature if your heart is not sustainable”- Davines

By Annette Solis

By Annette Solis

When I started my new position at Let Em Have It Salon I was impressed and inspired by Fallene and the staff to live as my truest self.  The supportive atmosphere, brands carried, and love for the environment shone through every aspect of the business and I was so excited to be a part of the team. As a Davines exclusive salon we are often involved with the brand to further our impact and education of the community around us.  Davines hosts a campaign named “I Sustain Beauty” that is a call to action for businesses and individuals like us to make impact and with my new team I decided to take this on!

We want to encourage people to take care of themselves, of the environment in which they live and work, and of the things they love.
— I Sustain Beauty

"At Davines and Comfort Zone we believe that beauty can change people’s life. Every day we support this ideal with our products and by creating projects dedicated to people and the environment. The balance between Beauty and Sustainability drives our actions and we want to inspire those around us to do the same.”-


Although I am new to the Uptown neighborhood I am a Colorado native and have a deep love for my beautiful home and as we embrace more newcomers each day I hope to bridge the gap between current residents and new ones.  My area of focus is public lands and specifically Benedict Fountain Park located on 20th and Tremont, also my front window view at work all day.  Benedict Fountain Park is small in size, but beautiful boasting a large fountain, open grass space, and play ground making it a neighborhood favorite for walking dogs, playing on the weekends, and week night volleyball leagues. It’s area of need are constant trash including lack of attention from the city to pick up the trash regularly, loitering, and lack of proper cigarette disposal. 

Have cleaned up over 38lbs of trash including cigarettes in 5 cleanup days! 

Have cleaned up over 38lbs of trash including cigarettes in 5 cleanup days! 


My hope and vision is to bring awareness to the deeper issues surrounding the park and inspire the community to treat the park as their own responsibility and even take some of that on making the park a safe and fun place that brings continued value to Uptown.  I have learned so much about this community in the process making new connections and loving the support from everyone around me.  I am grateful to work for such an amazing business and have this opportunity to create positive change in my neighborhood. 


Sloan Stiles , Annette Solis 

Sloan Stiles , Annette Solis 

Annette Solis, Fallene Wells, community resident, Michaela Specht, community resident, community resident, Kyle Wells 

Annette Solis, Fallene Wells, community resident, Michaela Specht, community resident, community resident, Kyle Wells 

Thank you to Let Em Have It and the entire team, Davines, Fluid Coffee, Devin Sena Photography, and Denver Parks and Rec. 

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