The Best Gift for the Holiday

Give the Gift of.. Compassion

Did you think we'd say, beauty?
A wish for world peace, is a common statement you hear this time of year. It's possible to contribute, make this a reality and the cool thing, it’s not exclusive to the Dali Lama or Mother Teresa. Compassion starts with kindness for yourself, a kindness that fills you up and spills out onto others

Here’s 5 helpful reminders on living a compassionate mindset

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.
— Oprah Winfrey

1. Practice Gratitude:   If you don’t know where to start, download the Gratitude 365 app.

It helps prompt you on things to be grateful for. They also have a community to share your gratitude with, and quick things to be grateful for. When you practice gratitude daily you fill up with joy and it combats the feeling of overwhelm and stress.


2. Be Mindful:  With all the distractions of every day life and technology becoming more accessible, our minds are overstimulated and it can be a challenge to be present in the moment. We often go through life on auto pilot with out the recollection of how we got to point a to point b. Practice being mindful the next time you're eating. Direct  your senses to the experience of eating, smell the aroma, look at how it's prepared, feel the texture on your tongue and enjoy each bite as it nourishes and fills you. Speaking of food check out this great acronym "Snack" on tips to be mindful. 

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3. Listen More than You Talk:  Studies have shown that, whereas speaking raises blood pressure, attentive listening can bring it down. Active listening is not an easy feat, but practice makes perfect. Next time you're in a conversation devote all of your attention and listen with your heart. Check out this insightful Ted Talk on communication  

4. Unconditionally Love Yourself:  Imagine that you get home from work, you're excited to see your dog, cat, turtle or whatever animal you love. You love your pet so unconditionally, you could come home to find a surprise on your floor or your furniture destroyed, but you still smother them with hugs and kisses and calling them all sorts of mushy nicknames. You deserve to be loved unconditionally and treated with respect, just like your beloved pet. The only one that you can guarantee to receive that love from is yourself.  Be kind to yourself! 

5. Only Compare yourself with the person you were yesterday. Comparison is a downward spiral of hopelessness. When you compare your life with strangers you will never know if you’re improving, if you compare how you were yesterday with how you are today you can make strides to get better and improve. 

Start your holidays off right and give the gift of compassion. 

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By Fallene Wells